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Top 9 Phrasal Verbs with MAKE and Their Simple Meanings

Top 9 Phrasal Verbs with MAKE and Their Simple Meanings

make for
move towards something; contribute to or cause a result or situation, make something possible

- They suddenly stood up and made for the door.
- It was so hot that all the tourists made for the beach.
- Doubting the other’s reliability doesn’t make for a prosperous partnership.
make towards
start moving towards something
- As the policeman entered the bar, some of the customers made towards the back door.
- After a long delay at the station the train made towards the next town at last.
make into
turn into, change somebody/something into somebody/something else
- My brother suggests making our pantry into an extra bedroom.
- Do you think you can make this lawnmower into a go-kart?
make of
understand the meaning or find a reason for something, think and have an opinion of somebody/something
- What could you make of what was said at the meeting?
- This article is too vague, I can’t make anything of it.
- I don’t know what to make of their unfriendly attitude towards us.
make off (with something)
hurry away, especially in order to escape; steal something and hurry away with it
- The robbers made off in a van before the police arrived.
- The burglar made off with grandfather’s gold watch, but he couldn’t find mother’s jewels.
- The chairman made off from the meeting before the reporters could find him.
make out (1)
get along, manage well, be successful, deal with something
- How did you make out while your parents were away?
- Our team didn’t make out very well in the match last Sunday.
make out (2)
distinguish; manage to see or hear somebody/something; understand somebody’s character; claim or think something of somebody
- I could hardly make out his figure in the darkness.
- We could hear voices through the door but we couldn’t make out what they were saying.
- The new manager makes himself out to be more important than he really is.
- They aren’t as happy as their friends make out.
make out (3)
write out or complete a form or document, fill out the details
- The cashier made out a cheque for a hundred pounds for me.
- The doctor sent me to the chemist’s but he forgot to make out a prescription.
- The contract was made out in duplicate.
make over
give, transfer ownership; transform, change something, remodel, give a different appearance or function
- I hope my uncle will make over the property to me before he dies.
- Mother will make over my suit to fit my brother as I never wear it.
make up (1)
put on cosmetics
- I’d like to go to the bathroom to make my face up.
- Nobody recognized her when she made her face up to look like a clown.
make up (2)
put together, constitute, form, construct, complete, create, prepare
- They made up a list of all the things that they needed for the trip.
- I’ll make up a nightgown from that pink material.
- This poem is made up of twelve stanzas.
- The unemployed make up about 20% of the population in our country.
- The chemist refused to make up the prescription free as I didn’t have insurance.
- When I was a child, mother made up a bedtime story for me every night.
- She was late but she made up some excuse about a traffic jam.
- Why don’t you stay for the night? We’ll make up a bed for you on the sofa.
- The bill was 20 pounds, but I could pay only 15, my brother made up the rest.
- Sorry, but we don’t need you to make up a team.
make up (3)
end a disagreement and become friends again
- My wife and I had a quarrel yesterday but we soon made up and everything is fine now.
- After long months without talking to each other they made up at last.
make up (for)
replace, compensate
- I must leave early today but I’ll make up the time tomorrow, I promise.
- We can’t put off this project, we’ll never be able to make up for lost time later.
- I don’t think anything can make up for the loss of a child.

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